The Top 44 strain is ideal for people who need to unwind and get some rest. It has relaxing and sedative effects, and it is said to have pain-relieving capabilities. Top 44, with its lemony candy flavor and sweet smell, is a taste sensation as well. Buy Top 44 Strain using Cannabis Affiliate Program.

Top 44 is a very unusual name; however, it has a simple explanation. It can complete the blooming process in 44 days if grown under ideal circumstances.

Top 44 was developed by cannabis breeders for growing in Northern Europe. However, it is also possible to cultivate it successfully outdoors in the United States.

Top 44 is known to many people as the ideal strain for evening usage. Continue reading to learn more about the effects and characteristics of this cannabis strain.

What Is the Top 44 Strain?

Homegrown Fantaseeds created the Top 44 strain, which is a strongly indica-dominant hybrid based on a pair of Afghan indicas: Viking and Skunk #1. It’s important to note that Top 44 is a potent variety.

The amount of THC in the Top 44 marijuana strain isn’t particularly high. However, that doesn’t imply its impacts are modest. Some persons have reported feeling zoned out for many hours after consuming this cannabis strain. The opposite effect is known as couchlock.

Despite its somewhat low THC concentration, Top 44’s cerebral effects may be too powerful for novices.

The cerebral effects of Top 44 may be too powerful for novices. On the other hand, after three hours, the high subsides to a manageable level.

Users have reported a little burst of energy and euphoria at first. The indica effects, on the other hand, become more apparent with time. With a desire to simply unwind, most people claim that they begin to feel sluggish.


The Top 44 marijuana strain has a powerful overall fragrance. Users describe the scent of combusting it as an odd mix of citrus and burnt sugar.


The flavor of Top 44 is just as strong as its odor. Users report getting a skunky flavor with a citrus twist. Some smokers claim that Top 44 has a lemon drop candy taste, while others describe it as fruity caramel. Most significantly, Top 44 delivers users with a smooth smoking experience.


The most common variety, however, is the Top 44 strain. It has large, dark green leaves with prominent orange hair-like pistils and is available in a number of strengths. Its thick covering of gleaming crystal trichomes provides it a sticky, resinous feel.

Top 44 Strain Grow Info

When you buy Top 44 strain seeds, you may be shocked at how simple it is to cultivate. It’s a popular strain among first-time growers because it’s robust, hardy, and simple to grow.

As you can observe, the strain is named Top 44, which implies that it may flower in a short period of time if you provide the right conditions. In general, Top 44 grows to be about one meter tall and blooms in around 44 days. However, most people claim that it takes roughly 7-8 weeks to complete.

The Top 44 is one of the greatest recent marijuana strains for outdoor growth. It’s generally ready to harvest by September. The strain’s side branches require assistance throughout the flowering period, as they have a rather long structure.

There are a few methods to boost yield. A good example is investing in a carbon dioxide (CO2) system, which can be used to increase the amount of CO2 in your growroom. During photosynthesis, marijuana utilizes carbon dioxide to produce its food components utilizing the sugar it obtains from sunlight.

When you increase CO2 levels, photosynthesis is boosted, resulting in more crops. If you want to go down the high CO2 route, be cautious while in the grow room. CO2 is harmful to humans when it reaches excessively high levels.

THC Content

The strength of Top 44 cannabis varies significantly depending on the bud you get. The typical THC level of Top 44 is between 8% and 15%. Some, on the other hand, can have a THC content ranging from 18 to 20 percent.

CBD Content

CBD is present in only trace amounts in the top 44.

Medical Benefits of Top 44 Marijuana

The relaxing and sedative effects of the Top 44 strain have made it a popular choice among medical marijuana patients. Nausea, sleeplessness, sadness, and chronic pain are some examples of conditions that may be alleviated with Top 44.

Given its effects, many Top 44 consumers employ this strain to relieve stress at the end of the day. This strain is only suitable for nighttime use because its sedative effects are as unavoidable as they are powerful.

Some users believe that Top 44 marijuana has an appetite-enhancing impact as well.

Possible Side Effects of Top 44 Weed

The Top 44 strain isn’t ideal for first-time smokers since the intensity of the high might be overwhelming. The usual side effects of cannabis, such as cottonmouth and dry eyes, are among the most frequent negative reactions. Dizziness and perhaps paranoia are some of Top 44’s less prevalent adverse effects.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Top 44 is a marijuana strain for experienced users in need of rest. It has a strong sedative effect that frequently results in couchlock.

Overall, Top 44 is a marijuana strain for experienced smokers seeking sleep or relaxation.

This marijuana strain is popular among medicinal users for its sedative effects. It’s a simple plant to cultivate, making it ideal for inexperienced growers. It has calming qualities and may be used to help treat insomnia, sadness, anxiety, and pain.

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