Neptune OG is a well-balanced mix with an uplifting high and sedative effects. Many individuals like this strain for evening unwinding or to relax after a hectic day. Buy Neptune OG Strain using Cannabis Affiliate Program.

Hybrid strains are immensely popular among both novices and experts since they combine the effects of sativa and indica strains. Hybrids are great for when you want an uplifting high followed by deep relaxation.

Some hybrid strains provide a somewhat indica-dominant experience with just a touch of sativa. Others have an almost perfect balance between the two. And, based on its stated 50% indica / 50% sativa ratio, you’d expect Neptune OG to produce similar effects. However, the effects do not quite match the reported perfect 50% indica / 50% sativa split.

After smoking Neptune OG, you would believe it to be an indica-dominant strain with a low sativa content. We’ll go over the effects of this marijuana in further detail below.

What Is the Neptune OG Strain?

Neptune OG’s history is a mystery, with little information on its breeder or lineage. Neptune OG’s name implies that it belongs to the OG family, although its exact tie is unknown. Because of the lack of information about Neptune OG, it’s difficult for individuals attempting to cultivate their own plants.

The Neptune OG strain is a 50-50 hybrid with a balanced indica/sativa ratio. However, in practice, the effects of the Neptune OG are very similar to those of an indica-dominant hybrid.

Users will initially feel uplifted and focused, before feeling a rush of euphoria in their brains. Over time, the powerful indica effects take over.

Consumers say that they are heavily sedated and have an intense couch-lock feeling. Neptune OG makes your limbs feel heavy and your body melt into deep relaxation.

Some people report that after taking Neptune OG, they have sensed distortion in their senses, which may be frightening to beginning users. It’s a good idea for novices unfamiliar with strong indica effects to start with a small dose. This can help avoid any potential anxiety-inducing effects.

The strain’s psychedelic effects have made it popular among users. Neptune OG’s powerful highs can provide a new perspective to individuals who aren’t planning on pursuing creative endeavors.

Neptune OG is ideal for lazy evenings at home, thanks to the combination of deep physical sedation and altered consciousness.


Some people claim that the scent of Neptune OG is similar to berries mixed with a fresh, earthy smell. Due to its powerful fragrance, Neptune OG should be smoked outside or in a well-ventilated area.


Neptune OG’s thick smoke floods your taste buds with a flood of sour grapes after the first puff.

To sum up, I highly recommend Neptune OG if you’ve been looking for an OG strain that’s more precise, flavorful and uplifting. This is a wonderful meditation strain with a pleasant sandalwood aftertaste that leaves you wanting more. Neptune OG is certain to please those who enjoy OG strains for their distinct flavor profile.


The bottom of the Neptune OG flower is coated in a very thinly spread covering of rusted orange pistils. With a thick and almost fl fluffy covering of trichomes over each bud, Neptune OG lives up to its OG name. Plants with Neptune OG tend to produce small flowers.

Neptune OG Strain Grow Info

The good news is that Neptune OG is a wonderful strain for novices to grow. Neptune OG plants are low-maintenance, resistant to most common garden molds and pests; they seldom require attention.

Neptune OG plants are best cultivated indoors owing to their sensitive growing requirements. They require a high humidity level of at least 80%. Fortunately, Neptune OG plants seldom exceed three feet in height, allowing you to grow them even in restricted circumstances. Neptune OG plants take approximately 10 to 12 weeks to mature and produce a substantial yield.

For those cultivating Neptune OG plants outside, the harvest will most likely begin in late fall as the temperatures drop. Neptune OG seeds are difficult to come by and buy online. Rather than obtaining clippings from mature Neptune OG plants, individuals wishing to cultivate their own Neptune OG plants should look for more mature Neptune OG strains.

THC Content

The THC content of Neptune OG is 23%, and the average THC level over all samples tested was 21%. The typical THC level in a hybrid plant is 13%, putting Neptune OG well above the typical range.

CBD Content

A 1.11 percent CBD content was found in a Neptune OG sample, which is considered to be the highest reported level.

Medical Benefits of the Neptune OG Strain

The heavily sedative indica effects of Neptune OG have made it a popular choice for individuals suffering from insomnia. Many users of Neptune OG claim that it has powerful soporific qualities in its later phases, allowing them to fall asleep faster.

The beneficial properties of this strain may help those who suffer from depression and anxiety. Many people also use this plant to de-stress and relax.

The Neptune OG strain is said to cure a wide range of painful issues. Muscular and joint pain and headaches are only a few examples of the problems it can help with.

Unfortunately, as with all full-body highs, Neptune OG’s whole-body high has sedative effects. Users are unable to take advantage of the strain’s pain-relieving properties since it also causes couchlock.

Possible Side Effects of the Neptune OG Strain

Dry mouth and dry eyes are the most frequent adverse effects associated with Neptune OG smoking. Due to its high THC concentration, Neptune OG can induce dizziness in excessive doses. After eating this potent strain, some people have reported an increase in paranoia and anxiety.

Final Thoughts

Neptune OG is a hybrid strain that supposedly has an even balance. Its euphoric and elevating early effects, on the other hand, promptly give way to heavy sedation, which is prone to induce couchlock. As a result, Neptune OG leans more toward indica potency than it does hybridity. This powerful strain should be left to more experienced cannabis users.

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