If you want to find the best online weed store in Saskatoon, cut your search short by coming to us! We offer more than 200 options so that you can have a range of choices. Picking the perfect one becomes easier when you consult our list of top dispensaries that sell marijuana, extracts, and edibles. You don’t need to spend extra time or money going from place to place–our list will help guide you in making a decision today!

If you’re searching for an affordable, dependable online weed store in Saskatoon, look no further than Gas-Dank. They offer a broad inventory of marijuana products at reasonable prices, including $99 per ounce specials. You’ll be able to discover the best edibles available in Canada without going over bud get.

There are some things to consider before you purchase from an online dispensary, but if you’re still set on buying online, dispensaries in Saskatoon have great selections!

Best weed store in Saskatoon

With the plethora of cannabis dispensaries in Saskatoon, it can feel like a guessing game to find one that’s right for you. They all boast having low prices and speedy delivery times for premium goods, but what else should enter your decision-making process? These businesses don’t just sell cannabis flowers; they also have oils, edibles, topicals, tinctures–and we can’t forget CBD items!

We know that it’s tough to locate a trustworthy dispensary when given so many choices. To save you some time, we’ve gathered a list of Canada’s best dispensaries. Plus, take advantage of our coupons and deals for terrific products!


Out of all the places to buy cannabis in Saskatoon, trust Gas-Dank for your first choice dispensary. They maintain low prices and excellent customer service whether you’re a first time user or an experienced pro. With many dispensaries opening up recently, it’s hard to know where to go–but you won’t be disappointed when you turn to Gas-Dank.

At Saskatoon’s Gas-Dank, we pride ourselves not only in providing high quality cannabis products, but also in offering a great website experience that will keep you coming back for more. Plus, we offer delivery from our dispensary straight to your door! The Gas-Dank dispensary in my new city, Saskatoon, is the best one around. They only collaborate with top Canadian weed producers to guarantee you’re receiving a premium product. Leafly also renders it a priority to be upfront about each strain they have, where it’s from, and what it looks like on their website.

Herb approach

They offer an extensive variety of marijuana products, such as strains, edibles, and over 500 unique concentrates; ensuring that you’ll find what you need – whether it’s your first time indulging or you’re a seasoned pro.

At The Herb Approach, we believe that holistic health and natural healing are the best approach to good health. Our experienced staff hand-picks only the highest quality cannabis from different curated strains. No matter what kind of marijuana product you’re looking for–BCB, edibles, topical ointments, tinctures or concentrates–we carry it all! So if you live in Canada and are searching for a reliable place to access high-quality weed products, look no further than The Herb Approach!

Haute Health

The website offers a shatter varieties by the gram, with prices from $15 to $25 per gram. You could get an ounce of shatter for as little as $400 (tax included). Comparatively, cannabis typically costs anywhere from $3/kg up to Hemp products are also available in different sizes and shapes–all at varying prices. The most expensive ounce might cost around $ 400; however, this price point is still less than what one would spend on cannabis extracts or concentrates if purchased through dispensaries (tax included).


Prioritizing our customers’ experience, Buy Weed 247 offers not only great customer service but also some of the most cost-effective bulk shipments in the market. With us, you’ll have a choice between 60 different cultivars of flowers and concentrates ranging from AAA to the strongest AAAA+, as well as 50 kinds of concentrates such as hash, diamonds, caviar, budder and shatter. You can always expect top quality products when you shop with us.


CannaWholesalers is the best place to buy marijuana in bulk, with a diverse catalogue of strains and varieties available. All at an affordable price- up to 45% cheaper than other sites! Plus, orders come in as soon as two days for free shipping! The customer service team is quick to respond and helpful if you have any questions or problems. They understand that buying medical or recreational cannabis shouldn’t put customers through 5 different hoops just to finalize purchase.


Looking for a reliable weed supplier in Saskatoon? CannaWholesalers has you covered, with over 100 strains and products available at competitive prices. Plus, orders are delivered within two days for free. They understand that purchasing medical or recreational cannabis in Canada should not be difficult; if you have any questions, their responsive and helpful customer service team will assist you promptly.

BuyMyWeedOnline (BMWO)

At BuyMyWeedOnline, we are committed to providing all Canadians with access to medical and recreational marijuana. At BuyMyWeedOnline , we carry an inventory that is among the largest in Canada. Our weed store in Saskatoon offers only the finest quality strains of marijuana, concentrates and edibles. You can get half an ounce or a fourth of shatter for free if you purchase two ounces or more. Plus, we offer discounts frequently so that you can save money. We also give out complimentary items under specific conditions: For example, when our customers order AAAAA (5A) cannabis strains!

Your Local

At Your Local weed store in Saskatoon, our focus is on providing products and services that are both affordable and meet the needs of our clients. We offer quick curbside pick-up for online orders and only sell locally grown products to help support the local economy. By choosing us over other companies not only do you get a great deal but you’re also helping improve the GTA community!


Spireleaf is dedicated to giving customers an excellent shopping experience. Besides creating a welcoming atmosphere, we also choose only the best products. Our informed staff is always willing and ready to help you out whether you’re browsing our website or physical weed store in Saskatoon. Spireleaf has rapidly expanded throughout Canada due to their offers of high-quality cannabis at reasonable prices, as well as the experienced staff that they employ. They are now present in 33 additional areas and offer a wide range of products, not limited to just cannabis. At Spireleaf, you’re sure to find everything that you need for an enjoyable smoking experience.

What Are Products Can I Buy in Saskatoon?

The THC levels in each state and region very significantly. The number of strains, their quality, as well as the product types offered by dispensaries often differ across regions. And while all dispensaries offer a variety of products, the brands they sell are nearly always different. For example, one company may specialize in selling only high-quality organic strains while another focuses on offering a wide range of flavors or different THC levels in their products. Some businesses might charge more for better-quality items, but that doesn’t mean you need to overspend. If you want the best equipment, first identify what kind of products you prefer. In this article, we’ll go through all the main product types so that you can make an informed decision about where to find them in Saskatoon stores.

 Weed Strains or Cannabis Flowers

If you’re looking for the most popular type of cannabis product, look no further than strains. They are what people typically envision when they think about smoking marijuana. Plus, consuming cannabis in this form is quite simple. In Saskatoon, many dispensaries usually carry your preferred Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid types on hand. You can find several around that sell different grades of cannabis flowers too. Some even offer wholesale deliveries to those who want to purchase large quantities at a lower cost! Fortunately for users in Canada, there is always a good selection available thanks to some excellent local growers.


Concentrates go through a process that removes everything from the cannabis plant except for THC. They isolate THC from the other elements and create a final product that is safe to consume. This product can be found in tinctures, oils, or resin form and contain up to 80% THC – much more potent than average marijuana products . Concentrates with such high levels of THC are becoming increasingly popular and can now be found in almost any weed store in Saskatoon selling marijuana products.

 Weed Edibles

If you’re looking for an experience with marijuana that doesn’t involve smoking, edibles are a great alternative. Edibles come in many forms such as cookies, brownies, gummies, and tea. The effects of edibles also tend to be stronger because THC is absorbed differently when eaten rather than smoked. These options are perfect for both first-time users and experienced users who want something new.


The main marijuana chemical that gets users high is THC. In contrast, CBD products don’t contain THC but still provide health advantages stemming from CBD. People with conditions such as chronic pain, sadness, or anxiety often prefer CBD products because they can medicate without feeling any psychoactive side-effects. Of the various types of available CBD products, vapes are especially popular.

 Magic Mushrooms

While mushrooms are not related to cannabis, many dispensaries carry them. Psilocybin—a substance that causes hallucinations—is found in some mushrooms, which are called psychedelic or magic mushrooms by some. Makers of these drugs sell them in gummies, sweets, teas, capsules and other forms through delivery services. Those who ingest psychedelics may have spiritual experiences.

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