You heard about this magical thing called “weed lube” that makes orgasms feel amazing — and you need it now.

But first, you need to do your research — is it for real? Will it make me high or get me in trouble if I need to take a drug test? Where do I get this magical concoction? And most importantly, is it worth it?

As someone who’s been working in the Sextech industry for nearly a decade building a smart, data-driven vibrator, we’ve investigated the effects of THC and CBD on sex and orgasms at length, even conducting additional user research with others who have their own Lioness Vibrator to see how different amounts and types of THC and CBD affect them. After all, everyone is different and results may vary.

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As a result of hundreds of hours of research over the years, we’ve developed a comprehensive FAQ on how weed lube works, what to expect, and a few of our favorite picks!

How does THC lube feel?

thc lubricant

Effects will vary from person to person, the specific product you’re using, and the amount you use. You won’t get a psychoactive high (except for a few edge cases that we’ll note in the next section). It will likely take some time (15-20 minutes+) to notice any effects, but some of our participants noted that they felt:

  • More relaxed
  • Tingly sensations
  • Higher, stronger, or prolonged arousal
  • Longer, stronger, and/or multiple orgasms

Will cannabis lube make me high?

Unlike CBD-only lube which will definitely not make you high, for a few folks who are particularly sensitive to THC or take a large dose, it is possible to feel a little bit of a high. It will likely be nothing like the psychoactive high you’d experience from smoking, vaping, or ingesting cannabis, however, so don’t expect to be craving the munchies or being couch locked. Many people don’t feel any psychoactive high at all (but they might feel very aroused!).

One more thing — you will absolutely get a psychoactive high if you ingest cannabis lube. Take heed from one curious, misguided stoner who drank an entire bottle of weed lube and was high for three days (seriously, I can’t make this up). So if you are using this during oral sex, the person giving the oral sex absolutely needs to be aware of this and either do oral sex before the THC is applied or expect a little bit of a high.

On the plus side, most weed lubes are edible if they’re coconut-based, but still, you might be feeling out of it and awful, which is not a fun, sexy time.

Good sex is part of good health, but what about the rest of my vagina?

Of course, hot sex and orgasms are part of keeping your vagina healthy. But what about the rest of Quim Rock’s “vaginal health supplement” claims? It was important to me that the Intimate Oil was just as useful outside the bedroom as inside, especially given the price tag. Since I’ve gotten this bottle, I’ve been applying one to two pumps to my vulva and vagina as part of my morning routine. (Six to eight pumps as they suggest provides extreme lubrication and enhanced sensation, which I’m not necessarily looking for before morning meetings.)

My vulva also tends to sweat a lot more than other parts of my body while exercising. My daily pump or two of intimate oil has kept the area less stinky after yoga. I suspect the tea tree oil might be preventing bacterial growth that can lead to odor. One 2015 study points to tea tree oil’s ability to treat difficult yeast infections, but only when combined with other medications. However, overall, there’s a lack of scientific evidence to conclusively state that tea tree oil itself can prevent and treat vaginal infections.

The one thing tea tree oil has probably helped? My ingrown hairs in this area. My skin is smoother and less bumpy since using the Intimate Oil specifically. After a few minutes of application, any redness or irritation quickly diminishes.

I love having a dedicated product for one of the most intimate areas of my body. Intimate Oil, which tingles but never stings, is incredibly moisturizing. And since I use stuff to take care of my armpits and eyebrows, why not my vagina, too?

What’s the difference between weed lube and CBD lube?

thc lubricant

They’re pretty different. Weed lube usually contains a mix of THC and CBD. CBD lube only contains CBD — and it’s usually CBD derived from hemp or hempseed, which is grown specifically with very-very-low (< 0.3% in the United States), negligible amounts of THC to be legal.

Although CBD and THC can both be found in cannabis, they’re different chemicals with different effects on the body. THC is the ingredient that makes you feel high, while CBD tends to make you feel more relaxed.

That’s nice, but what does that mean for me?

More seriously — cannabis lube contains THC, one of the primary ingredients involved in making you high. From our review of Foria and Quim, we’ve found that THC seems to have more obvious physiological effects on pleasure and is more likely to result in more intense, multiple orgasms.

CBD can create feelings of relaxation, decrease anxiety, and potentially improve sexual experiences through those means. Some people who have experienced painful sex have reported benefitting from using CBD lube. These effects seem to be more subtle than getting “baked” though.

The major upside of CBD-only products is that they are available to purchase outside of a licensed dispensary—you can even buy it online! So it’s much easier to get started with trying CBD lube, especially if you’re in a state where cannabis is not legal.

Can I use THC lube if I’m breastfeeding?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that data is inconclusive on whether it is safe to use marijuana or CBD when you are breastfeeding. THC that is in the body is stored in body fat, which is slowly released over time, so the baby could be exposed to unknown amounts of THC for an unknown period of time.

Similarly with CBD products, depending on the brand you purchase and if you get it from a trustworthy shop, CBD products may contain other ingredients besides CBD that may be dangerous for the parent and the infant.

Like during pregnancy, given the lack of information and research on the topic, the CDC gives the recommendation to abstain from using THC and CBD products while breastfeeding.

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