Pink Lambo Indica is a famous Italian manufacturer of sports cars and SUVs. With cars that cost hundreds and thousands of dollars, this brand is out of the reach of most. Luckily, an affordable alternative that brings the same level of enjoyment is available in the cannabis industry by the same name.

Information about Pink Lambo Indica:

A Sativa-dominant hybrid, Pink Lambo Indica is famous for its pleasant cerebral high and soothing body buzz. Not only that, its THC levels of 14% to 17% appeal to a vast demographic – including beginners.

Its wonderful effects are thanks to two of the world’s most premium strains. From Lamb’s Bread, it inherited its energizing mental high and anti-depressant qualities. Meanwhile, Holy Grail Kush lent its Indica effects as well as pepper-shaped buds.

One should note that there is another strain that goes by the name Lambo. It has similar effects but is a three-way cross between Jamaican Purple, Super Afghan, and Jamaican Haze.


Pink Lambo Indica begins with an uplifting cerebral head high. After a few puffs, a sense of euphoria clears the mind. It is not uncommon to see users beam with happiness at this stage. Many even find themselves smiling for the most mundane reasons. Regardless, the upbeat disposition brings out the best in one.

After about an hour or two, a wave of relaxation envelops the body. It starts at the temples as a light pressure but soon intensifies into a buzzing sensation. Used to the limit of one’s tolerance, it could cause a heaviness to spread all over the limbs and the muscles. Besides soothing the body, it also promotes laziness. In excess, though, it locks people to their couches until a drowsiness sets in and whisks off users into dreamland.

Though sedated, there is still the possibility for light physical activity. This is because the mental buzz at the onset keeps users from fully succumbing to sleep until after the high wanes. For this reason, it is best to take Pink Lambo Indica on a lazy day, preferably in the late afternoon or hours before bedtime.


From Holy Grail Kush, Pink Lambo Indica earned its Kush undertones. Tantalizing the nasal senses at the first whiff, though, is sweet aroma with the tanginess of lime. Broken apart, it blends with the refreshing fragrance of pine.


Drawing in Pink Lambo Indica brings out its full terpene profile. It is zesty and tangy with obvious notes of citric fruits like lemon and lime. Blending in the background is a sweet yet woody undertone that is strongly reminiscent of pine. On the exhale, a sour diesel aftertaste is evident.

Adverse Reaction

The reddening of the eyes is a common side effect that comes with the consumption of Pink Lambo Indica. Along with it is a possible case of cottonmouth. This is because cannabinoids strip away moisture from both areas. Though usually mild, some beginners may find the dryness uncomfortable. In which case, hydration is the solution.

In large doses, Pink Lambo Indica’s clear headed high turns into an overwhelmingly keen awareness. However, this is rare and largely dependent on one’s tolerance to THC. Still, it is best to pace and moderate one’s usage of marijuana.


An offspring of Lamb’s Breath, Pink Lambo Indica can soothe symptoms for mental conditions like depression and PTSD. Its uplifting mental high clears away negativity and raises levels of happiness. For casual users, the upbeat disposition can be used to bust away stress.

Besides being a wonderful ally against negativity, Pink Lambo Indica is also an analgesic. By relaxing the muscles from the temples, it soothes away all kinds of aches and pains including headaches. At the same time, it also eases away fatigue.

Finally, after all clouds of negativity vanish into thin air along with all the tension in the body, one can call it a day and fall asleep.


Though Pink Lambo Indica is a Sativa-leaning strain, its buds take on an Indica shape. They are small and extremely dense like peppercorns. Once ready for harvest, its color turn into a vivid, forest green with undertones of gold and flashes of amber pistils. A frosty blanket of crystallized trichomes covers the entire nug.

The plant’s structure, on the other hand, is largely Sativa. When grown indoors, it is best to top the plant early in order to keep their height manageable. Regardless of the medium, Pink Lambo Indica should be cultivated in a Sea of Green set-up.

Sadly, it does not appear that seeds in any form are available from the original breeder.

Flowering Time


It takes 9 to 11 weeks for Pink Lambo Indica to mature indoors. Each square meter produces 12 to 16 ounces of buds.


Out in the garden, Pink Lambo Indica yields up to 16 ounces of buds by the second or third week of November.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Pink Lambo Indica? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.

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