The most soothing hue is Pink Emerald Indica. Reflection is one of the things it promotes. The type we have on offer does, in fact, create creative ideas. People begin to delve into deep thought when they use too much of it.

It’s a play on its parents, both of which are among the most well-known strains. It is fitting that this strain has taken off since its name is a play on words with the word “gig”.

Pink Emerald Indica breeders are looking for the greatest characteristics in both parents to combine, and hope to pass them on to their offspring. The end product is a 70 percent Sativa hybrid with a THC level of 20% to 24%.

What Is the Pink Emerald Indica Strain?

The California Breeders Association created the Pink Emerald Indica hybrid strain as an indica-dominant hybrid. This organization frequently exchanges seeds and crossbreeds, therefore they are constantly coming up with new strains. They manufactured Pink Emerald Indica by combining Fire OG and Emerald Diesel strains.

When you smoke Pink Emerald Indica, you may not notice the effects immediately.

You might catch yourself breathing deeply, but within an hour, you will likely feel relaxed yet invigorated. Some users say they feel energized enough to get a basic task done before settling down for the evening.

Pink Emerald Indica is a useful strain for playing video games or watching a few movies. It ultimately makes you feel lethargic, but you retain the ability to enjoy light entertainment. Don’t use too much, or else you could find it challenging to focus.


Pink Emerald Indica offers hints of citrus coupled with a floral scent that is exceptionally alluring. Experienced users will likely appreciate the earthy tones, too.


It is a velvety smooth smoke that’s easy to enjoy. However, instead of intense flower-like aromas, there is a significant amount of citrus. You should still taste a lot of earthiness, and its profoundly dank flavor is pleasant.


The Pink Emerald Indica strain is remarkably attractive, offering very dense buds that feature extremely tight leaves. Apart from the standard green hues, there is a significant quantity of yellow and vaguely red-tinged pistils. You may even see some fascinating purple colors.

Pink Emerald Indica Strain Grow Info

Growing Pink Emerald Indica is relatively easy, as is the process of finding seeds. The California Breeders Association sells seeds for Pink Emerald Indica at reasonable prices.

If you want to grow it outdoors, make sure it is subject to warm conditions. Although it is a hardy plant, it is susceptible to bud rot. Therefore, make sure there is excellent air circulation when grown indoors, and not too much rain if growing outside.

Getting some purple coloring on your Pink Emerald Indica buds may require exposure to colder temperatures at night. However, if the temperature falls by more than 15 degrees Fahrenheit when compared to daytime, you could send your plants into shock.

Pink Emerald Indica often grows tall, so make sure you train, prune and top the plants as necessary. Indoors, the flowering time of this strain is 8-9 weeks. You can expect to yield up to 12 ounces per square meter planted. Outdoors, it starts to flower in the middle of October. You could get up to 12 ounces of bud per plant.

In general, the average THC content of Pink Emerald Indica ranges from 17% to 19%. However, some versions provide up to 22% – a relatively high intensity of THC.

Pink Emerald Indica’s CBD content is significantly below 1%.

Medical Benefits of the Pink Emerald Indica Strain

Pink Emerald Indica’s high THC content means it is commonly used as an analgesic. It is especially popular among patients with chronic pain or arthritis.

MMJ users also consider this strain when looking to combat feelings of anxiety, depression, or severe stress.

Possible Side Effects of the Pink Emerald Indica Strain

Despite the vast array of possible benefits and high THC content, the side effects of Pink Emerald Indica are relatively mild. In the main, you could end up with dry mouth and dry eyes. These are considered as ‘standard’ effects and could have to do with the smoke as much as the THC.

There is a slight chance that you will endure a heightened level of anxiety if you overindulge. Therefore, if you are already predisposed to this condition, it is probably best to use a low THC strain.

Final Thoughts

Although it remains a significant part of the OG family, Pink Emerald Indica doesn’t necessarily behave in the way you might think. Initially, you may experience a euphoric cerebral rush that helps improve your general mood. Soon enough, however, a tingling sensation takes over in the body. Eventually, your main goal will be to find somewhere comfortable to sit and indulge in a low energy activity such as watching TV.

It is a moderately potent strain by the standards of the modern era and is suitable for mildly experienced users.

For many, Pink Emerald Indica is one of their first choices when looking for a ‘chilling out’ strain. As well as potentially making you feel happier and more relaxed, it isn’t the most onerous strain to cultivate.