Are you tired of smoking out of the same thing over and over again? If so, try creating an apple pipe! These DIY bongs are incredibly easy to make and will add some sweet variety to your blazing sessions.

Have you ever been stuck without a pipe or papers? If you’ve got cannabis and a lighter but no way to smoke it, you should try the time-honored art of creating a homemade bowl from an apple. The apple pipe is a simple solution and a better, more natural alternative than using an aluminum can or another makeshift device.

There are endless ways to create functional pipes from any variety of fruits and vegetables. To help you get by next time you’re in a pinch (or if you just like to MacGyver your paraphernalia), here are five quick steps to turn an apple into a smoking pipe.

What is an apple pipe?

apple bong

An apple pipe — sometimes called an apple bong — is a homemade pipe constructed from an apple that is used to smoke cannabis. Apple pipes are considered one of the healthier options for DIY smoking devices, especially when compared to constructing pipes of tin foil or soda cans. Discreet and inexpensive, the apple pipe is a favorite among cannabis consumers who have no papers or glass pipes on hand, want to easily dispose of consumption evidence, or don’t want to go through the hassle of cleaning a traditional device. Read on to learn how to make your own apple pipe.

How do you make an apple pipe?

Crafting an apple pipe may seem complex, but in just a few simple steps you will soon be smoking cannabis out of your own healthy fruit.

Here’s what you’ll need to make and use a classic apple pipe:

  • an apple
  • a toothpick
  • a clean screwdriver or chopstick
  • weed
  • a lighter

Step 1: Gather the Necessary Supplies

Before you begin, make sure you have all your supplies together in one place. You’ll want:

  • Cannabis (of course!)
  • Any variety of apple
  • Poking tool such as a knife, key, stick, or screwdriver to fashion the pipe
  • A lighter to spark your buds

Step 2: Twist Off the Apple’s Stem

Twist off stem of the apple to expose the natural bowl at the top.

Step 3: Carve Out the Bowl

Use your pen or poking utensil to poke a hole down the top of the bowl. You’ll only want to go about halfway through the apple to keep the chamber you are creating air-tight.

Step 4: Make the Pipe Mouthpiece

Make your mouthpiece by poking another hole on the face of the apple. The idea here is to connect the mouthpiece’s chamber with the first chamber or hole you made for the bowl.

Step 5: Poke Through Apple for a Carb

To create a carb on your homemade bowl, keep pushing your tool all the way through the apple from the mouthpiece chamber. This step is optional but recommended since the carb will let air flow through the chambers you’ve made and clear any remaining smoke.

Step 6: Smoke Out of Your Apple Pipe

5 Ways to Make a Homemade Pipe w/ Stuff You Find Around the House -  Broke-Ass Stuart's Website

Lastly, it’s time for you to load the cannabis and enjoy smoking out of an apple. Simply pack your bowl where the stem used to be and use like you would any other hand pipe.

Need some strain recommendations for your new apple pipe? Why not try these complementary flavor pairings!

Traditional apple flavors:

  • Apple Kush (hybrid)
  • Apple Jack (hybrid)

For a caramel apple taste:

  • Cream Caramel (indica)
  • Caramelicious (hybrid)

For a vanilla apple treat:

  • Vanilla Kush (indica)

You can also use Chemdawg or any of you favorite strain.

You can use all types of other fruits and vegetables to create a quick and easy smoking device on the go. Plus, when you’re finished you have a healthy snack to combat any munchies!

Why should I make an apple pipe?

Apple pipes are well-known for their discretion and easy disposal characteristics. Apples are also incredibly inexpensive and make for a good substitute when rolling papers or a personal pipe aren’t available or accessible. Cannabis consumers also don’t lose THC resin to glass in the same way as a traditional pipe, so you get more THC bang for your buck and don’t have to deal with the hassle of cleaning your pipe after use. Finally, you theoretically could eat the apple once you’re done smoking — though we wouldn’t recommend it.

Why Would You Want To Smoke From An Apple?

Smoking weed out of an apple is an easy way out for when you don’t have anything else to smoke from. The secret to its popularity is the accessibility of an apple pipe’s parts – if you can get your hands on some pot, you can definitely find an apple and a pen. Besides, if you want to keep your cannabis consumption on the down-low, using an apple pipe is a great way to be discreet and avoid owning glass. It’s also just a fun, organic way to smoke!               


Now that you’ve got the basics down for the design of the apple pipe, you may have some other questions. We have the answers!

Does an apple pipe make weed taste better?

Unfortunately, no, smoking weed out of an apple pipe isn’t going to make your weed taste like apples. But since you won’t be smoking out of glass, you will get to enjoy a taste untainted by resin build-up! 

How long will the apple pipe last?

It’s probably for the best if your apple pipe remains a single-use device, since apples brown quickly once they’ve been cut. You could probably get away with using your apple pipe a few times in one day if you’re good about storing it in the fridge in between smoke sessions.

Are there other fruits I can smoke out of?

Apples certainly aren’t the only fruit you can use for smoking! Basically any fruit and many vegetables are great for impromptu pipes. If you’re not feeling challenged enough with an apple pipe, try making one out of a strawberry, banana or carrot.            

Good, Old-Fashioned Organic Fun

With this guide in hand, you’ll be ready to incorporate fruit into your next smoke sesh. It’s fun to switch things up by trying something new to enhance the cannabis experience every once in a while, and hopefully, this guide has inspired you to get creative with your cannabis use. We’d love to hear in the comments below what other fruits and vegetables you’ve turned into pipes!

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