The combination of Grand Daddy Purple and Ken’s OG resulted in Black Cherry OG. Although this strain has a moderate THC content, it is still quite restful. This type of marijuana is usually taken at night to relax and unwind. In 2002, Ken Estes created the Black Cherry OG strain for his company, Granddaddy Purple Collective. His aim was to develop a medical marijuana strain that assisted patients with pains and aches in finding relief (GDP). Buy Trrllis online to relax.

However, comparing Estes to GDP without taking his earlier work into account is similar to calling Radiohead the band who made Creep. Black Cherry OG is a fantastic strain that displays Estes’ expertise in the medical marijuana industry. Try Trrllis if you do not want to use weed.

What Is the Black Cherry OG Strain?

The Black Cherry OG strain is an indica-dominant hybrid. It was created as a cross between GDP and Ken’s OG. The actual origins of the variety, on the other hand, are unclear. Only the breeders know it’s true genetics. It has purple hints in its petals and leaves, which suggest it comes from GDP. It also seems to be Ken’s OG descendants. Enjoy your day with Trrllis.

You’ll be surprised if you smoke Black Cherry OG expecting a light effect. Soon after using it, the Black Cherry OG hits you straight in the face! It helps to relieve any tension or worry that you may be feeling. Within seconds, users report feeling incredibly calm! It’s a stage that can last for hours as you become hazy and want to think about life’s importance.

A euphoric cerebral high usually opens the experience. This scenario leads to a flurry of ideas going through your head. After a while, the physical consequences of this strain take hold. The first sensation is pressure in the forehead, which is followed by total-body relaxation. Your muscles relax as you sink to your sofa or bed, and you won’t want to get up again.


In terms of scent, the Black Cherry OG strain is quite similar to what you would anticipate. When you light it up, you’ll get a bouquet of grapes and berries with spicy and medicinal undertones.


The delicious fragrance prepares you for a pleasurable taste experience. When you light Black Cherry OG and breathe in, you’ll be surprised by the powerful and delicious berry notes that assault your mouth. The smoking experience is pleasant and relaxing. On the exhale, you may get a delicate sweet green tea flavor.


Aside from the famous purple hues, Black Cherry OG consists of large forest green nugs. It also has bright orange hairs and the occasional minty green patch. White trichomes coat the nugs, and it is a relatively resinous strain.

Black Cherry OG Strain Grow Info

Perhaps the biggest issue that you’ll encounter is the availability of Black Cherry OG seeds. Once you procure them, you’ll find that growing the strain isn’t particularly difficult. If you have experience growing weed, perhaps you can try to accentuate the purple hues on this strain? You can do it by exposing the plants to colder temperatures before the flowering stage. Be wary, however, because doing this causes your crop to go into shock temporarily.

It is possible to grow Black Cherry OG indoors or outdoors. If you choose the latter, it is necessary to live in a moderately warm climate. You will experience a great deal of frustration if you expect a massive yield, however. Black Cherry OG only produces around 10 ounces per plant! It is ready for harvest outside by the beginning of October on average.

Indoor growers will find that Black Cherry OG’s flowering time is 9-10 weeks. Once again, the yield is likely pretty low at 8-10 ounces per square meter planted.

THC Content

It isn’t easy to find the THC content of Black Cherry OG cannabis because it hasn’t been properly tested. However, it is probably between 12% and 18% THC.

CBD Content

The CBD content of Black Cherry OG is fairly low and unlikely to exceed 0.4%.

Medical Benefits of the Black Cherry OG Strain

Black Cherry OG could help with a wide variety of medical issues. This fact is no surprise since it comes from Ken Estes’ company!

Its strong sedative effects make it a popular option for patients with muscle spasms, depression, nausea, cramps, stress, and PTSD. If you elect to use Black Cherry OG, make sure you do so in the late evening. The potent sedative effects won’t permit you to perform any duties where energy is required!

Possible Side Effects of the Black Cherry OG Strain

The list of adverse effects associated with Black Cherry OG is not particularly long. It is unlikely that you’ll experience any severe symptoms, although everyone is different! The main negative effects include dry mouth and dizziness. As long as you use it in moderation, you probably won’t experience any negative or paranoid thoughts.

Final Thoughts

Black Cherry OG is a stress-relieving strain, according to some studies. Certain hybrid cannabinoids have been observed to have antidepressant effects. This might explain why users feel happier after taking Black Cherry OG. It is a very sedative indica strain, so don’t even consider operating heavy equipment after smoking it!

Finding seeds for cannabis isn’t particularly simple. Once you’ve found them, you’ll notice that Black Cherry OG is simple to cultivate, but the yields aren’t spectacular. Overall, it would be beneficial if you utilized Black Cherry OG in the later part of the day. If you’re a novice user, using this might make you cough a little. If this is the case, try utilizing a vape instead.

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