It can be difficult to find precisely what you want when shopping for cannabis online, so at Laval, Quebec we’ve gathered a list of the most reputable Canadian shops that sell cannabis products, including concentrates and edibles. Quality is our main priority here so that our customers have the best experience possible while also enjoying affordable prices.

The next time you’re looking for a low-cost cannabis supplier in Laval, look no further than Gas-Dank. They also have some of the greatest edibles in Canada, starting at only $99 per ounce. Weigh the pros and cons of buying from an online cannabis shop Laval before you commit. 

If you’re in search of a reputable and trustworthy online cannabis shop Laval, go with the top choice!

Best cannabis shop Laval

You don’t have to go to just any old cannabis shop Laval — do your research and find one that fits YOUR needs. Are you looking for a higher quality product? does discounts or free shipping matter more to you? dispensaries like Laval take many factors into account, like price, delivery time, types of payment accepted etc. With Laval in particular, they pride themselves on security and1-3 day shipping on high-quality goods!

No need to fret if you’re unsure which cannabis shop Laval best meets your needs – we’ve got you covered! Check out our list of Canada’s premier dispensaries, complete with customer ratings. Plus, take advantage of our discounts on premium marijuana products!


Gas-Dank is a well-known and respected MOM that has been in the cannabis industry for many years. They have a large blog that goes through all aspects of cannabis farming, processing, and use. If you’re looking for high-quality yet low-cost cannabis edibles, their vast experience and knowledge make them worth considering.

Cannabis shop Laval not only offers low-priced edibles, but also potent ones. No matter your preference of candy form, the effects will be evident.

We offer a wide range of flower and gift combinations. If you’re searching for an individualized floral arrangement, we recommend Gas-Dank. You can select from 3.5 grams to 28 distinct strains, including some of our personal favorites like Junior Mints, Sour Amnesia Haze, Platinum Kush, 9 Lb Hammer, and UK Cheese.


No one beats Laval when it comes to cannabis selection! With hundreds of strains, edibles, and concentrates to choose from, you’ll find what you’re looking for at our cannabis shop Laval.

We at The HerbApproach are strong supporters of holistic health and natural healing via medicinal cannabis. We only sell the finest quality marijuana goods, which were personally selected by our staff. BCB, edibles, topicals, concentrates, and more are just a few of the varieties available. If you’re searching for a great location to get marijuana in Canada right now, look no further than The Herb Approach!

Haute Health

We at Haute Health deliver high-quality cannabis products at fair prices to our clients. Our firm was created to serve the Canadian market with top supplements and goods without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for high-quality cannabis products, Haute Health could be a good choice for you! Furthermore, we provide bulk deliveries of our product, making us ideal for dispensaries and retailers wanting to diversify their brands.

When you follow our recommendations and your friend makes their first purchase, you’ll both receive 30 credits: that’s another $30 free! Additionally, customers can use their earned points to get additional discounts on future purchases. They can rack up these freeCredits by makingMore purchases, writing product reviews and more – with one credit being available for every $50 spent! This promotion allows consumers the opportunity to save money in a variety of ways on their nextFew purchases.

The name “Haute” is French for “high,” and the company’s mission centers on giving clients the highest quality cannabis at an affordable price. Based in Laval, Haute Health provides high-quality medical marijuana at reasonable rates to patients across Canada. The business has a history of providing outstanding customer service and excellent pricing, as shown by its previous customers’ consistently positive assessments.


Weemo sells a variety of cannabis products, including flowers, topicals, edibles, tinctures, and concentrates. They also have an accessories section with many vape pens in various languages available for customer service assistance. Weemo enables you to mix different goods in their cannabis shop Laval; you can purchase a large amount of flowers or shatter for less money and sample a variety of marijuana strains.

Wemo is a food delivery service that connects moms with the finest providers in their areas. Weemo only works with companies it believes to be of the greatest quality, so you can trust that your child’s product will be secure. If you want further proof of Weemo’s commitment to quality, you may request for lab test reports.

The dispensary always has helpful and knowledgeable staff, who can help you save money by cashing out with debit or credit cards. You’ll have a great time here thanks to their excellent customer service. Plus, MMAR, ACMPR, and MMPR-verified buyers all receive a 10% discount!

At our company, delivery is always reliable. If you complete and pay for your purchase by noon the next business day, we will process and ship it. There is also a $15 minimum for all Xpresspost shipments. You can easily monitor the status of your order through email to see when it will be delivered – estimated date included! Note: If you reside far from our main office.


CannaWholesalers is the most reliable source of marijuana in bulk. With hundreds of strains and types to choose from, you’re sure to find what you need. You can also take advantage of their 45 percent off deal on orders over a certain amount. They understand that buying medical or recreational cannabis shouldn’t be difficult, so if you have any problems with your order, their helpful customer service staff will work tirelessly to resolve it.

BuyMyWeedOnline (BMWO)

At BuyMyWeedOnline, we believe that all Canadian adults should have access to legal medical and recreational marijuana. We offer a wide range of cannabis products so that everyone can find something they love—from premium grade strains and concentrates to edibles and more! Cannabis shop Laval with us today in Laval for everything you need!

If you spend at least two ounces of marijuana, you may get discounts and premiums on everything from half-ounce or fourths of shatter to tinctures. You can do all of this without spending an arm and a leg; rather, they provide price cuts and bonuses regularly.

Things To Do In Laval, Quebec

Laval, Quebec is a charming city that has many appealing attractions to lure in tourists. For example, you can go birdwatching at the Boyd Conservation Area and see some rarer species of birds. Or if you’re more interested in history, then head over to Black Creek Pioneer Village for an authentic experience of what life was like back in the 1800s. If you need a break from all of the exploring, Lava’s Mills offers excellent shopping options or you could rest up at one of the city’s cafes. If you’re looking for something to do with your family, consider visiting a Legoland Discovery Centre, Splash Works or Canada’s Wonderland theme park. There are also plenty other options available like zoos and nature conservation centres that will suit everyone in your party.

Marvel at the paintings at McMichael Canadian Art Collection

The McMichael Canadian Art Collection has pieces by several renowned and lesser-known artists. There are approximately 6500 permanent pieces in the collection, including works by Tom Thomson, the Group of Seven, Métis , Inuits, as well as others. The art gallery also hosts regular shows featuring contemporary Canadian painters to ensure that there is always something new to see.

Bird watch at Boyd Conservation Area

If you’re in Canada and looking to explore nature, Boyd Conservation Area is the perfect place for you. The Humber and Don rivers flow through it, providing a home for many different types of birds. Some of the species birders can expect to see at Boyd include owls, shorebirds, waterfowl, hummingbirds, belted kingfisher, and hundreds more.

Enjoy at the colossal Wonderland Splash Works

If you’re searching for an enjoyable way to spend time with your family, look no further than Splash Works! As part of Canada’s Wonderland amusement park, Splash Works covers 20 acres (8.09 hectares) of land and includes water slides, lazy rivers, and more. Kids will have a blast playing in Lakeside Lagoon or hurtling down one of the 60-foot (18 meter) high Muskoka Plunge slides. Other rides that can be enjoyed by the entire family include Super Soaker and Plunge – so don’t miss out on all of Splash Works’ other activities!

Play golf at the Eagles Nest Golf Club

The Eagles’ Nest Golf Club is a links-style 18-hole golf course with both long and short game challenges. This golf course, which was designed by Canada’s most renowned golf course architect, Doug Carrick, features rolling fairways, tight rough, and fescue dunes encrusted in sand. A package for the Eagles’ Nest Golf Club includes access to a group vehicle and practice facilities.

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