The Appalachia strain is a cross between two cannabis strains: an indica and a sativa. Users claim that it lifts, energizes, and relaxes them. Its THC content is in the middle of the road by current standards, yet its effects can be overpowering for novices. Appalachia is simple to grow because of its hybrid origins.

The Appalachian Mountains is a well-known range in eastern North America. The name may have been given to the Appalachia strain by its creators in tribute to this magnificent region. It’s a strain that recreational and medical marijuana users love, so read on to learn more about it.

What Is the Appalachia Strain?

It’s a sativa-dominant cross of Tres Dawg and Green Crack, created by High & Lonesome Seeds. Appalachia provides a strong high that is yet manageable for an experienced user, according to High & Lonesome Seeds.

The Afghani #1 parent of Tres Dawg has been growing in popularity among smokers since the 1960s. Users often say they feel energized after using this strain. However, they also note that this energy buzz is followed by a period of physical relaxation. Appalachia’s heavy high is powerful yet manageable for an experienced user.

You may experience a rush of euphoria following Appalachia’s use. Some people claim to be inexplicably cheerful after smoking a few cigarettes. There’s also the risk of you laughing for no apparent cause. Another advantage of this strain is that it makes it hard to get stoned.

While Green Crack is one of the parents, Appalachia never induces psychedelic experiences. Rather, you’re more likely to profit from increased attention as a result of this strain. The effects of this strain Eventually make their way to the body. As a result, it’s essential to take advantage of the energy burst while you can because relaxation will soon seize hold. Although use of Appalachia does not generally induce couch-lock,


The Appalachia strain has a skunky scent, with undertones of sweetness and citrus. Those who have used Green Crack say that its descendants has a similar fragrance. When you snap open the buds, you’ll immediately get a strong whiff of pine and hash.


When you light Appalachia, you’ll likely get a skunky and herbal flavor with a smooth smoking experience. Some users claim to taste gasoline and consider the strain to be relatively easy on the lungs.


The flowers of Appalachia are wide and stretched out. The buds resemble a classic sativa, although the leaves are drab green. As a result, the bright orange pistils and white trichomes stand out even more. It’s probable you’ll need a grinder to break this strain down fully.

Appalachia Strain Grow Info

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to buy Appalachia seeds commercially. As a result, you’ll have to make do with clippings and clone plants. At the very least, it allows you to skip the germination process! You can grow Appalachia indoors or outside if you like. If you go this route, though, you’ll need a humid and warm environment.

Green Crack is a short and spindly strain that develops like Appalachia. If you want to cultivate it indoors, you’ll need to trim it frequently, especially during the blooming phase. Indoor growers should expect a flowering period of around 8 weeks. The yield is in the 10-12 ounce per square meter planted range, which is typical for indoor cultivation strains.

If you grow Appalachia outdoors, each plant will yield about 12 ounces of bud. It is typically ready to harvest in October.

When you’re done harvesting this strain, we recommend spending a bit more time drying and curing it. This procedure enhances the flavor as well as potency. Place the buds on a screen at least two hours before sunset to let them dry fully. When they’re totally dry, transfer them to a glass mason jar. Open the jar several times daily for several days. Leave the buds at a humidity level of 60 percent.

The Appalachian strain is typically high in THC and has an average concentration of 16-18%. Some cuts, on the other hand, have been observed to reach 22 percent. Novices should avoid it since the high hits you between the eyes rapidly. If you’re not used to its effects, it might induce dizziness. The Appalachia strain has less than 1% CBD content, but due to its popularity as a medical marijuana option, it remains an important one.

Medical Benefits of the Appalachia Strain

When it comes to assessing the potential dangers of cannabis, we must exercise caution. There is still a lot of study to do, and we seldom get the actual strain investigated. As a result, most information on MMJ is based on personal experience.

Proponents of Appalachia claim that it has strong anti-inflammatory effects. As a result, it may help with symptoms such as headaches and nausea.

Some people use Appalachia to relieve sadness and tension. This is due to the uplifting effect it has on individuals’ moods. It’s been shown to aid in concentration as well. Those who have ADD/ADHD should think about it if this is true.

Possible Side Effects of the Appalachia Strain

Appalachia has some possible negative consequences, as is the case with all marijuana strains that are relatively high in THC. Its sativa side, for example, might induce dizziness in individuals unfamiliar with cannabis. It’s also a good idea to avoid it if you’re prone to anxiety or have a low THC tolerance.

The Appalachia strain hits you hard between the eyes at first. If you haven’t experienced this sensation before, your eyes may become bloodshot. It’s also possible that you have a dry throat. Unless you have an extremely high tolerance, it is recommended that you use this marijuana strain in moderation. The majority of the adverse effects that occur are only transitory in nature.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Appalachia is a strain for those who have previously used marijuana. It’s not recommended for novices or people with anxiety issues. It’s an excellent afternoon pick because it may provide you with a little energy boost. However, over time, it makes you feel tired and cheerful.

It’s a simple marijuana plant to cultivate. It’s also worth paying attention to the drying and curing processes in order to get the greatest taste.

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