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  • Why does marijuana have to become legal

All over the world, marijuana is slowly beginning to decriminalize or become legal. But is it really a good idea? Let's weigh the pros and cons.

In recent decades, marijuana has become more powerful. Now its power can be compared to strong drugs. The main active ingredient in marijuana is THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). It has long been proven to cause psychosis, not to mention other, various unpleasant consequences.

Marijuana also contains a substance such as CDC (Cannabisnabinol), which, contrary to the previous effect. It is even tested as a cure for anxiety and psychosis. But BSD does not make you feel high, so manufacturers have begun to reduce it and increase THC concentrations.

Tests have shown that Tetrahydrocannabinol levels have increased from about 4% to 12%. In general, the more marijuana you use and the more powerful it is, the greater the risk of psychosis.Why does marijuana have to become legal

But what is the risk of psychosis for the general population?

A study in the UK showed that although consumption of this product has increased, the number of cases of schizophrenia, which is a type of psychosis, has remained stable. The risk of these diseases due to marijuana remains highest for people who are already highly likely to develop psychosis. For them, the drug accelerates the development of their condition, not causes it. Thus, the less access to marijuana, the less likely it is that they will develop psychosis.

But perhaps because it is illegal, more and more people are suffering from mental illness?

That's what happened during the alcohol ban in the U.S. and it's what happens to marijuana now. People didn't stop drinking during the ban, and there's not much that prevents them from using drugs now. We can't get rid of them completely, but we can make them safer. If it were legal, there would be more options for consumers, and regulators, for example, could insist on high quality products.

If marijuana were legalized, there would be a spike in the use of heavier drugs. Studies have shown that 45% of lifetime marijuana users have taken other drugs as well. And the more young people try it legally, the greater the risk of trying harder drugs.

But if so, how can legitimizing more drugs be helpful?

First it is important to understand that people do not use drugs because they are legal or not. You can always find people who would be happy to sell them to you if you want.

Numerous studies show that certain conditions make people addicted to drugs. Difficult childhood, moral trauma, depression, even genetic factors. But punishment for addicts doesn't change anything.

So maybe we should take a different path.

In 2001, Portugal had one of the worst drug statistics in Europe. After which the authorities decided to decriminalize their possession and use. People who were caught with small amounts of drugs were referred to support services and treated. Drug use was seen as a disease, not a crime. The results were amazing: the number of people who tried drugs and continued to use them fell from 44% to 28% in ten years. At the same time, HIV infections, heavy drug use and overdose have decreased.

What does more harm come from it?

16% of those who use alcohol become alcoholics, and 32% of those who try to buy cigarettes become smokers. Everyone knows for sure that alcohol and tobacco have an extremely negative impact on our body: they destroy the liver, cause cancer and clog the arteries. 3.3 million people die of alcohol abuse every year, and smoking kills over 6 million. But their consumption is still legal. Legitimacy is a means of control, especially from teenagers. Official sellers can get huge fines and lose their licenses.

So legalization doesn't mean approval, it means taking responsibility for the risks it poses.

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