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What's in the smoke of a drug eating a man from the inside?

What's in the smoke of a drug eating a man from the inside?
hybrid store is one of the most common drugs in the world. For many, marijuana has become a so-called "stress relief." Drugs kill millions of people every year, but the biggest concern is how fast drugs are killing young people, and what the world faces in the future. 

This information is for those people in whose lives marijuana (cannabis) has taken a 
What's in the smoke of a drug eating a man from the inside?
place, those who have heard of it or smoked it a couple of times, for those who believe that marijuana is not a drug and are trying to convince themselves and others. So we want to provide true information about the dangers of drugs. Marijuana is a drug. Unfortunately, there are those who promote the use of marijuana and do so based on their vested interests. It's been confirmed more than once, so there's no question about it.
Marijuana (hemp) is dried flowers, seeds and leaves of an Indian hemp plant. In the streets it is called differently: plan, anasha, straw, herbs, grass, Masha, joint, smoke, weed, ganja, grass and other names. For many, marijuana has become something commonplace. In the pockets of young people, there is often hemp.
What's in the smoke of a drug eating a man from the inside?
Hashish is a kindred form of drug derived from hemp's milk juice. It's also called hashish, plasticine. It has an average of six times the effect of marijuana. "Canabis" is the name for any of the various drugs derived from Indian hemp, including marijuana and hashish.
Regardless of the name, whether it is cannabis, hashish or marijuana, these drugs are hallucinogens, a substance that distorts the perception of the world around them. The chemical substance that causes this distortion is called delta 9 - tetrahydrocanabinol (THC). The THC content of marijuana in the different marijuana batches found varies, but in recent years there has been a general trend of increasing THC content.
Marijuana (hemp) is a mixture derived from dried leaves, stems, flowers and seeds of a hemp plant.
Marijuana or hemp is usually green, brown or grey.
Hashish is a yellow-brown, brown or black substance derived from milk juice, which is dried and pressed in the form of bars, sticks or balls. During smoking, both marijuana and hashish give a clearly recognizable sweet smell.
What's in the smoke of a drug eating a man from the inside?

Marijuana (hemp) is the most common illegal drug in the world. A survey conducted in 2002 showed that 14 million people in the USA alone smoked marijuana at least once in the month preceding the survey. Marijuana is usually smoked in cigarettes (jambs), but it is also smoked like tobacco in smoking pipes. Less often marijuana is mixed with food or brewed like tea. Sometimes marijuana consumers roll up cigars and remove tobacco from them, replacing it with marijuana - this method is called "blanche.
Sometimes other stronger drugs such as crack, cocaine, or P.C.P. (phencyclidine) are added to the jams and blankets. When a person smokes a joint, they usually begin to feel the effects of the drug after a few minutes.


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